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Image by Vincenzo Morelli

Padel Mate Branding

B2B - Branding Sport Industry



Padel Mate, a company providing padel courts and supporting padel clubs globally, aimed to become a well-known brand in a competitive industry. They partnered with us here at Eureka Creates, a branding agency, right from the beginning to achieve this goal. Our mission was to develop a strong brand strategy and distinctive appearance for Padel Mate. We worked closely with the founders to ensure the brand reflected their vision and values. This collaboration formed the basis of our brand strategy, outlining Padel Mate's objectives, target audience, and competition.


We created a unique and professional yet fun style to represent Padel Mate, appealing to both padel enthusiasts and potential partners. To introduce the new brand, we devised a plan that involved crafting a fresh logo and attention-grabbing marketing materials.



The teamwork between Padel Mate and Eureka led to some great results:

  • A Successful Brand Journey: Padel Mate has transformed into a flourishing and well-recognized brand within the global padel industry.

  • Steady Growth: With the new brand in place, Padel Mate kept growing. They even started their own club and academy, showing they are leaders in the field.

Eureka's partnership with Padel Mate serves as a compelling testament to the transformative power of strategic branding and collaborative effort. Together, we've not only realized a vision but also built a successful brand that continues to make waves in the world of Padel.

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