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We live and work in a world of brands, each with its own distinct identity.

For this reason, we believe that it is crucial for you to seize every opportunity to establish your brand in your customers’ minds, in ways that reflect your identity accurately and encourage your audiences to engage with you.


Truly effective branding and identity design must be visually ‘in tune’ with your audiences' desires, preferences, values and lifestyles, as well as what your brand stands for.


Creating and revitalising brands for global enterprises, flourishing businesses and promising start-ups is our expertise at Eureka Creates. Backed up with insight and experience, we’ve developed hugely impactful identity designs for businesses operating nationally and internationally.

Padel Mate

Padel Mate envisions to be changing the lives of families, club members, and professional team players with an unbeatable court experience.

With Padel being a sport gaining popularity in Europe, we understood the need for Padel Mate to be different and to out-do the crowded and competitive marketplace.


So how can Padel Mate effectively lead the market? For this, our tactic was to come up with a killer branding strategy – something out-of-the-ordinary!

As part of the strategy, we kept in mind both intermediate Padel players and those who would like to try the sport for the first time.

Business Branding Services
Digital Marketing Agency

On this brand campaign, we took care of everything from scratch - this includes the first concept, to rounds of revisions, and even social media guidelines. 

We began, as we always do, by developing a clear understanding of Padel Mate, its customers, and its direct competitors. Based on this, we created a suite of identity design concepts, complete with defined typography and concept-led visual styling.


The branding strategy put in place by our team covered every aspect for the success of Padel Mate – defining the brand's tone of voice, audience, proposition, positioning, as well as coming up with an adequate creative strategy.

With time, our long-term consultative relationship with the brand also gave us the chance to test and learn the best and most engaging ways to stand out to the fans and up to today, Padel Mate is constantly growing!


A powerful digital presence would be vital for Padel Mate early growth, so  also conceptualized visuals in the form of marketing materials (such as banners and posters). The Padel Mate billboards and flyers are really important collateral for the business - we applied a careful combination of fonts and colours to ensure a feast for the eyes.

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We create and build purpose-driven, customer-centric brands.

"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business."

- Steve Forbes

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