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Image by Corentin LE LEANNEC

CrowdXS - Always Online


B2B: Logo Redesign Technology Services 



CrowdXS is a reliable WIFI and fiber connections provider helping well-known businesses like SiR Hotels, Sheraton, and Pathé. With offices in Barcelona, Spain, and the Netherlands, they collaborate with industry leaders such as KPN and Ruckus, catering to high-end clientele in both countries.



CrowdXS recognized the need for a revamped logo. While they appreciated their existing visual identity, they aimed for a more modern version without straying too far from the original. The challenge was to enhance the current logo's appeal, maintaining its essence, especially the cherished WIFI symbol.



Our approach involved delving into CrowdXS's industry, objectives, and preferences. We proposed three logo variations, each retaining the essence of the current design but with a modern twist. Crucially, we ensured the WIFI symbol, a key element for CrowdXS, remained unchanged.



The founders of CrowdXS selected the logo that resonated most with their vision. The chosen design has now been seamlessly integrated across various channels, including their website. This redesign has bestowed a trustworthy, professional, and modern aesthetic to the CrowdXS brand, aligning it with their goals and enhancing their overall visual identity.


Danny and the team were very professional and we were very happy with the end result.
I was already looking for a company that was able to do the logo redesign for a while but none really understood what we wanted.  Luckily I found Eureka and they delivered exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for that!

Vincent Founder

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