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The ((Capsule)) Hong Kong Showcase at Dutch Design Week

Sustainability - Capsule Hong Kong Dutch Design Week 



The ((Capsule)) Hong Kong, presented by the Hong Kong Design Centre's Design Exchange, marked its presence at Dutch Design Week  2023. This unique showcase, consisting of 14 projects and designers, aimed to spotlight circular design concepts that contribute to sustainable practices in a circular economy. The projects, inspired by Hong Kong's distinctive cityscape and socio-economic developments, were categorized under seven themes: Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle, Remake, Redesign, and Revitalize.


Confronted with a time constraint, our primary objective was to support to the ((Capsule)) Hong Kong project to build brand awareness of its presence in the Netherlands. The goal was to facilitate and promote international collaboration between Hong Kong and local Dutch Designers. 



In response to the time constraint, a strategic photoshoot was organized to capture the essence and innovation of the showcased projects. Simultaneously, invitations were extended to journalists, investors, and influential figures within the sustainability and circular design domain. The objective was to provide a platform for the designers to pitch their innovative work, fostering discussions on potential collaborations and opportunities for international expansion.


Despite the tight timeline, within one week we were able to:

  • Investor and Influencer Attendance: Seven local investors and influencers in sustainability attended, offering designers a chance to present their projects and connect with potential partners for international growth.

  • Local Media Attention: Inviting journalists led to coverage by over 10 local media outlets, estimated at over 300k in exposure. This not only expanded the ((Capsule)) Hong Kong showcase's reach but also sparked local interest in circular design.

  • Cultural Exchange: The event successfully promoted cultural exchange between Hong Kong and Dutch designers, facilitating the opportunity for dialogue, collaboration, and the sharing of innovative ideas. This further strengthened international connections between Hong Kong Designers and the Netherlands.

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