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Rebranding Electro Zwijsen

Rebranding - Employer Branding Electrical Industry


Electro Zwijsen, a well-renowned electrical engineering company founded in 1987, has been making waves in Belgium for over 35 years. With a strong base of loyal customers and dedicated employees, Electro Zwijsen faced a challenge in appealing to new talent and the younger generation looking to kickstart their careers in electrical engineering.

Electro Zwijsen realized that their visual identity was outdated, their website needed a revamp, and they were virtually non-existent on social media. The company's rich history and traditional values had to be preserved while bringing in a modern touch. It was crucial to craft a strategy that would seamlessly blend tradition with a fresh approach.



To tackle Electro Zwijsen's branding and employer branding needs, we embarked on thorough research, diving into their target audience and company persona. By engaging with key stakeholders, we gained deep insights into their culture, history, and future plans. Armed with this knowledge, we devised an action-packed plan for a complete rebranding


Revitalized Electro Zwijsen's employer brand

  • Created a striking logo and visual identity

  • Combining tradition and modernity

Revamped their website

  • Showcased expertise and impressive projects

  • Improved the browsing experience

Optimized social media presence

  • Platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

  • Engaged target audience with compelling content

  • Provided regular updates

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