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Personal Branding & Thought Leadership for Integration Specialist - Flavia Ramos



Flavia Ramos is the founder of Compasso Social, a company that offers professional and personal assistance to immigrants and expats in the Netherlands. Having experienced the challenges of integration and feeling at home in a foreign country herself, Flavia made it her mission to help others navigate similar experiences. Her team comprises experienced counselors, intercultural coaches, and psychosocial professionals with backgrounds in both the Netherlands and the immigrants' countries of origin, making them proficient in multiple languages.


Flavia Ramos had established a strong presence within the B2C segment. However, the challenge was to enhance her influence and reputation, positioning her as a thought leader in the integration industry within the B2B market.



To address the challenge, our marketing and branding team devised a comprehensive strategy for Flavia Ramos 

Clarity on Services and Customer Journey:

We conducted multiple brainstorming sessions with Flavia and her team to gain a deep understanding of their services and the customer journey. This led to the creation of a step-by-step guide that outlined the services they offer, how they add value to clients, and how they could improve their customer experience.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover:

Flavia's LinkedIn profile was a crucial touchpoint for potential clients and partners. We revamped her profile, optimizing it for a professional outlook and aligning it with her personal brand. This involved highlighting her expertise, accomplishments, and dedication to helping expats integrate into Dutch society.

Weekly Content Creation:

Consistent content creation is vital for building a strong personal brand. We created and curated high-quality, informative content relevant to integration, immigration, and expat life in the Netherlands. This content showcased Flavia's expertise and showcased her as a valuable resource in the industry.

PR Campaign:

We collaborated with a partner to create and distribute press releases that highlighted Flavia's success stories, expertise, and unique approach to integration. This PR campaign aimed to increase her visibility in the Dutch market and establish her as a reputable authority in her field.



Thanks to a strategic personal brand plan, an improved LinkedIn profile, focused content, network expansion, and PR teamwork, Flavia Ramos is now a recognized leader in the Dutch integration industry. Her growing reputation led to exciting business partnerships and appearances in respected media outlets like Het Parool. She even teamed up with influential Dutch figures like Fred Matser, boosting her profile and highlighting the significance of her work.


Flavia Founder & Director Compasso Social

Danny and the Eureka team have helped us on several occasions in recent years. What we appreciate most is the way in which the service is provided with reliability, professionalism and commitment to our mission. We would especially highlight their efficiency in managing deadlines, always delivering on-time, high-quality results.


They also executed everything from improving our LinkedIn presence to a strategic marketing and branding plan that truly transformed our results and the company's growth. We are very grateful for the partnership and enthusiastically recommend the services of Danny and the Eureka team.

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