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Chocolate Truffles


B2C & B2B - Repositioning  and LinkedIn Leads 


Groen and Co began as a bakery, but what truly set them apart were their delectable chocolate bonbons. These treats not only looked amazing but also tasted fantastic!

Our mission was to transform and strengthen Groen and Co's brand to foster a robust B2C online community and expand into the B2B market.


Over two years, the Eureka team closely collaborated with Groen and Co. We guided them in transitioning from a bakery to a specialized chocolatier.


To start, we advised and helped them reshape their B2C community and positioning by introducing more delightful chocolate content during this shift. Once this was accomplished, our focus shifted towards reaching the B2B sector.


The rebranding and transition to chocolate were a tremendous success, establishing Groen and Co. as a renowned chocolatier.

After this initial repositioning milestone, Eureka launched a LinkedIn campaign for Groen and Co and facilitated the full sales and negotiation process which led to their first B2B clients,

Rabo Bank and UEFA.


These prominent brands on Groen and Co's portfolio opened doors to numerous other B2B collaborations.

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