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10 reasons why you need Instagram to grow your business

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

As a large networking social media with over one billion active users on a monthly basis and a third of them using it to buy products online, Instagram has undoubtedly become a must for any business! With it, you will grow a community and win a place in the market.

In fact, using Instagram appears to be of good help for companies to broaden their brand awareness and boost their sales.

Therefore, we’ve put together the top 10 reasons why your social media marketing strategy needs to have Instagram on the top of its channels.

  • The audience expands day by day: about 500 million users are daily on the platform and the number is willing to rise;

  • The platform can be a virtual point of sale and help directly making money;

  • Hashtags are powerful and might easily lead to miraculous results as to increasing your visibility and helping you stand out from the crowd;

  • Partnerships with influencers are possible: another open-door for you to increase your brand awareness by targeting influencers’ followers;

  • Interactions with the audience are effective as the followers have the possibility to like, comment or even share content you post if it pleases them;

  • Keeping a constant eye on competition’s activity is possible. This would help you benchmark and better define your tactics on Instagram to stay ahead of the game;

  • Instagram’s Ad platform offers a wide range of targeting options and allows to track leads and sales;

  • Mainly based on visual effect, it offers the possibility to draw attention and drive engagement by using creative posts;

  • Followers’ base can easily be organically built on the contrary of Facebook;

  • Getting to know your audience is possible. The way followers interact with your posts tells you a lot about their likes, dislikes and even needs.

To sum up, being on Instagram is necessary for any company to gain visibility. So hop on, get your place in, share creative posts, interact and watch it do miracles!

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