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Building Thought Leadership and Personal Brand on LinkedIn


B2B - Artificial intelligence technology industry


Meet Raoul Rahimbaks, a driven and passionate CEO leading the way at Atomeus B.V., a company constantly pushing the boundaries of improvement and innovation. At Atomeus, they specialize in Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, and Digitalization and business Intelligence, delivering top-notch solutions for their clients.

Following a productive brainstorming session with Raoul, we mutually agreed on positioning him as a thought leader in his industry. Recognizing the impact of a robust personal brand on LinkedIn, our objective was to establish his authority and expertise within his target audience. By crafting a strong personal brand, we aimed to facilitate not only his professional growth but also enhance the reputation and visibility of Atomeus B.V. as a trusted industry player.


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Through extensive research and analysis of Raoul's target audience and our expertise as a B2B branding agency, we implemented an executive LinkedIn makeover and executed a tailored content strategy to educate his audience about his solutions.

Executive LinkedIn Makeover and Positioning:

We revamped Raoul's LinkedIn profile, strategically highlighting his expertise, achievements, and industry leadership.

Content Strategy & Content Creation:

We established Raoul as a thought leader through a content strategy focusing on insightful articles and posts. Our team collaborated with him to make technical topics engaging and accessible.



Within just one month of implementing the thought leadership strategy, we observed significant improvements in Raoul's LinkedIn presence and thought leadership indicators.

  • Raoul's profile progressed from the 19th spot to an outstanding position within the top 3% on the Industry Ranking chart.

  • His network performance has similarly surged, leaping from 43% to an impressive standing within the top 10%.

  • Furthermore, his current social selling index has shown substantial growth, elevating from 48 to a commendable 67 out of 100.


In summary, Raoul's targeted content strategy led to a wider network, industry acclaim, and significant engagement. This opened doors to speaking engagements, bolstered his personal brand, and elevated Atomeus' reputation. His LinkedIn articles positioned him as a respected industry source, expanding his reach and driving new business opportunities.

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