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Van Holland Stroopwafels

B2C  - Social Media Influencer Campaign



Van Holland is a famous stroopwafel shop nestled in the heart of Amsterdam. They are a three-generation family tradition, that takes immense pride in crafting original recipes using only the finest ingredients.


Our task was to give Van Holland's online presence a fresh look to attract and engage new customers. We knew that tourists frequently checked their social media for the best stroopwafel experience in Amsterdam so we wanted to leave a remarkable impression to increase the chances of them visiting the shop.


The Eureka Team performed a complete makeover of Van Holland's social media channels and also highlighted their unique selling point—their Vegan options.


Additionally, we arranged a photoshoot with influencers to boost brand recognition among our target audience, primarily tourists.


After launching our social media campaign, the results we got in only 30 days were remarkable:

  • Reach increased from 2082 to 22388, a growth of 973%

  • Impressions soared from 8604 to 53564, a growth of 522%

  • Likes jumped from 179 to 1858, a growth of 936%

  • Profile visits skyrocketed from 510 to 3999, a growth of 683%

  • Business address taps surged from 0 to 81 on a weekly basis marking substantial growth.

  • Several positive feedbacks through direct message 

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