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Digital Marketing: you need to have an online presence!

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

If you are a business owner you may have wondered: why do I need Digital Marketing for my business?

Years ago, advertising was hostage to inks and papers, keeping itself based on printed materials, such as flyers and banners. After that, advertising became part of TV's, soap operas, radios, etc., and adapted to the internet.

Finally, today it is present in practically all media, from the billboard to the smartphone. However, this range of media, ease of access and production, also led to greater competition between companies. In this scenario, one question is often asked:

How can I stand out among my competitors?

Advertising is, without a doubt, the greatest facilitator when it comes to being recognized. However, we don’t communicate in the same way as we did 50 years ago. There are, nowadays, more modern and "soft" ways to reach our client and build brand awareness. You guessed right, this is when Digital Marketing comes to light!

Digital Marketing is innovative and full of possibilities, responsible for taking the client - through the knowledge you generate on your channels - to your product, showing the quality of your service and its differential.

In every company we can count on the help of Digital Marketing for:

  • Finding customers and other companies with the same interests

  • Valuing our brand

  • Interacting with people

  • Increasing the visibility of your business

  • Being known as an "expert" on the subject

  • Being remembered by people

  • Being recommended (we all can recognize the great value of word-of-mouth to increase acquisition and loyalty)

The main field of Digital Marketing is the online medium. Think about how many Google searches you do in a week. Now expand that number to your family, your friends, etc. Google is the fundamental tool for searching knowledge, products, services, etc. Your product/service/company NEEDS to be on Google.

Are you dimensioning yet how much your brand can gain by being just two clicks away from all your potential customers? And it’s not only this channel that you need to use; promoting your service on a blog, for example, or talking to a highly qualified lead on LinkedIn or Instagram! Imagine all the possibilities that you would bring to your business...


Currently, young people spend a good part of the day accessing social networks. If you are an international business, you will want to reach several audiences around the world to sell, divulge or negotiate. Thus, it is essential that your brand is present online. And not only to reach the young public, but to make your business have a global reach.

So it doesn't matter if your company is big or small. Several companies like Adidas, Apple, Nike, Samsung or Microsoft are taking advantage of Digital Marketing to further extend their brand and profits. So plan, execute and achieve results!

Soon your competitor will do it too. And you, will you be out?

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